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Barbie’s mother broke down into tears?

In the realm of entertainment, Margot Robbie known as barbie girl, a prominent actress and producer, is experiencing a pinnacle moment in her illustrious career while portraying the iconic character of Barbie. Beyond her on-screen endeavors, Robbie’s real-life persona came to light when she disclosed on CBS Sunday Morning that she made it a top priority to settle her mother Sarie Kessler’s house mortgage as soon as she could. This gesture was both a delightful surprise to her mother and an unequivocal choice for Robbie.

“I conscientiously recorded all the debts I owed my mother,” revealed Robbie, as cited by People. “She had taken out money from the house mortgage to support me. I was always aware that I needed to repay that. Then, one day, when my earnings allowed, I wholeheartedly paid off the entire mortgage.”

“I told Mom, ‘You needn’t fret about that mortgage any longer. It is a thing of the past now,'” Robbie declared. “Frankly, anyone in my position would do the same for their mother. It’s a natural impulse.”

In a heartwarming moment, Robbie and her mother shared a special connection during the Babylon premiere.

Kessler, in an interview with Vogue Australia in 2019, candidly admitted that when Robbie expressed her desire to become an actress at the tender age of 12, she held reservations.

“I harbored doubts about pursuing acting as a viable career,” said Kessler at the time. “I feared it wouldn’t lead to a stable and prosperous future. Now, you can say, ‘Mother, you should have had more faith in my potential.’ I am immensely delighted that you found a path where you adore what you do and have the independence to thrive, including starting your own company [LuckyChap, where Robbie produces films].”

During the same interview, Robbie shared that her first paycheck was dedicated to repaying her mother. Kessler reminisced, “Yes, that’s right. I do recall.”

By the end of her high school days, Robbie found herself burdened with considerable debt. The act of penning down all she owed her mother on a piece of paper and gradually repaying it with each paycheck brought immense satisfaction. Subsequently, she started saving and venturing out, indulging in activities like going to the movies.

In this touching tale of familial love and gratitude, Margot Robbie’s journey showcases determination, responsibility, and profound affection for her mother, Sarie Kessler.

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