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“The boys season 4 “, Here’s everything you need to know !

“Ain’t you back fo som good ol fashion supes vs human” ! So the Prime video’s trailer for the most anticipated super hero( or anti super hero) series is out ! Yes we’re talking about the boys season 4 and they really nailed it ! Fans are already going crazy over it because how to the expectation it is looking the trailer gained more than 3+million views in few hours of it’s launch.

This season is packed with surprises because it’s completely different from the comic book. There aren’t many nods to the comic, and a bunch of new characters and storylines have been cooked up just for it. So, there’s no telling what’s going to happen next—it’s a total mystery! But hey, that’s what makes it so thrilling, right? Strap in, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

Let’s watch the trailer first and then we’ll get into details

1. Billy Butcher

So the trailer starts with Billy getting back to his old friends, probably to re-continue his “big ol” shenanigans which is ” kill all the supes”. But apparently this time it is the do and die situation for him as in season 3 we saw him converting into supe but that may also cost him his life which seems to be evident from the trailer as Billy himself says “I don’t have much time” and we can also see something strange going on with his body .

But the boys seems to have their own plan as well since we can see a investigation board behind them , Which probably could be about “Victoria Neuman” which they seemed to be pretty concerned about in last season the she isn’t what she depicts and obviously she wasn’t directly approachable as she does possess a lot of power so they might be planning to catch her out someway.

2. Yellow vs (Blue & Red)

Moving forward the fight between supes vs anti supes seems to be public matter now. As shown in the trailer the public is separated into two divisions

The yellow belongs to the starlight and blue&red follows the Homelander. Although if we take a closer look it’s quite evident that the starlight fans are quite less than the opposition , which may as well depicts how much power will Homelander possess and how dangerous/psychotic he can go we’ll go details of that as well moving forward.

3. New Supes

So there’s a new addition to the team by Vought named as firecracker and sister sage. These are also a big addition to the series since they do not exist in comics and are season specific written characters. Their powers are not disclosed yet but seeming from their attire and name we can make few assumptions.

As by the name firecracker and a belt on bullets part of her attire we can presume that may be she has to do something with guns and bullet , may be she’s a great shooter or may be she shoots bullets I mean of course “these supes can’t be trusted”.

Secondly sister sage is kept a secret but by the name sage which means wise may be she’s very wise or can control other person no one really knows .

4. Jeffry D Morgan

So seems like the Billy’s team is also getting a heroic entry Jerry D Morgan.

Jeffry is also party of the boys now and what seems from the trailer he’s on same path as Billy butcher, as the famous quote goes ” ain’t that f**king sweet” – Mr. butcher. Jefry is seen advising butcher that they need to stop the supes before they dump them all in camps. So far his character remains untold probably for some good reasons…. Hopefully.

5. The GenV Crossover

A not so expected but expected crossover is also seen in the trailer, as the characters Sam and Kate from Gen V are also seen in the trailer (hidden as they tried to lol ) on side of the Vought

And the biggest plot twist is that Billy the butcher got a virus for supes which seems to be brought from Gen V season finale which they used to kill the supes and now what it depicts that Billy is going to use it against his enemy as well. But the main point is if that virus kills the supes it won’t only eradicate his enemies but also his son rayan and some of his friends as well butcher seems pretty confident in his decision but will he be able to make such sacrifices ? That’s yet to be known

6. The return of the black Noir

The return of Noir did shock many fans as he was killed in last season ( we’ll that what it seemed like).

In trailer Noir and deep did find the safe house of the boys and they get in an epic fight seen. How did Noir came back is quite a mystery , May be Noir have some powers which he didn’t realize earlier or it got to do something with cloning or may be some imposter as Noir well these are the theories we can think of , what do you think? do let us know in comment section !

7. Not your average sheep and chicken

There are chickens there are sheep, But you can’t eat them since they’re supes and evil…. Literally !

we’re telling you this trailer will give you nightmares. Moving forward in trailer the boys get face to face with fierce chickens and sheep who can’t be killed or fought with since bullets don’t work on them and they’re blood thirsty and posses evil powers.

8. The Bloodbath or bubble bath?

It looked like someone was going to get seriously hurt when they were hit on the head with what seemed like a hammer. But instead of blood, bubbles popped out of their head, leaving everyone surprised. , which does create a question: is that some super power?

The likely answer is “probably no.” If you look around, you’ll notice a bunch of ducks floating in the air along with other bathtub toys. This suggests that what happened might just be someone’s imagination or a hallucination. Could Sister Sage have something to do with it? Share your thoughts in the comments below

9. What’s your name? Ezekiel !

Another character coming back is Ezekiel !

No No ! Not him ! Remember the guy who grabbed Hughie by the neck ?

Yes this time he’ll be facing Billy butcher but i guess Billy isn’t planning to “stretch” this fight as seen in trailer Billy does freeze his hand using nitrogen and break it down ! But let’s see how “far” can it go.

The overall trailer seems to awe the fans and they seem pretty excited ! There’s a lot to expect from this season and we’re eagerly waiting for it.

Did we miss any detail? Please do let us know in comment section !

Keep scrapping !

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