Delta Force : Black Hawk Down Gameplay teaser Looks promising, but there’s a twist !

Are you a FPS game veteran? Then get ready for another high ride of nostalgia but with modern graphics. Yes Delta force is back but with more power !

Delta force has dropped another teaser for gameplay and the Unreal engine seems to be upholding it’s promise for visuals and we can assure that too after looking at the trailer of long anticipated game !

Details given by the media channels of game was just a simple message of
“We may be quiet, but we’ve been busy. Proof? THAT Black Hawk Down, now made into action with Unreal Engine 5. Take a peek!”

But there’s another thing added to the note that Delta force is being worked on for PC and consoles only for now in campaign as stated “The Black Hawk Down campaign is planned for PC and Consoles only”, which is bad news for Mobile Gaming community that they may have to wait for sometime before game is launched in mobile version.

In the world of gaming, lots of people play games on their phones. Big games like Call of Duty are super popular. Fans of Delta Force deserve to have fun wherever they go. Making phone games will help Delta Force connect with more players and keep the fun going, no matter where you are. But Delta force needs to address the Mobile gaming community since their rival category such as Call of duty hold a big number of players, and delta force enthusiast deserve the fun of it there as well.

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