Facebook Instagram is down? What happened to meta?

World wide reports are coming of Meta platforms — Facebook , Instagram and Messenger — being down as users were reported logged out and now can’t log in ?

As per data the issue reported of social media sites being down started around 8:16pm 3/March/2024 given by the charts provided by real-time internet and social media outage and monitoring service

Currently there is no statement given by the Meta about the issue and people around the globe are confused about what’s going on.

Users on Instagram were unable to view the content on the Instagram as the message “Something went wrong” appeared every time they tried to access the site

According to reports over 20,000 people had problems with Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp, another app owned by Meta, wasn’t working for over 14,000 users, and Messenger was down for nearly 3,000 users.

As per latest news updates there is no information about the issue nor any statement was given Meta regarding the issue which has left people in confused state as it’s not only social media but also the livelihood of many people

But it expected from many tech experts that the problem must be identified and being worked on and soon will be taken over but a lot of time has already passed which leaves us to a question, How big the issue it could be? what could’ve happened?

Do let us know your remarks on it !

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