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Apex legends : A new ERA of battle Royal !

Great news for Apex fans ! After four years of it’s most successful launch which honestly created a HUGE impact in the battle royale market. The Respawn Entertainment & Panic Button is all set to launch a new Season “Resurrection” , which is expected by August 8th at 1PM ET.

In the new season, the apex developers have simple regenerated a new dynasty for the existing elements starting with the older character “Revenant”.

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what’s new ?!

Apex Legends’ Season 17 brought good stuff and some tough stuff too. They introduced a cool new character called Ballistic, and they spruced up maps like World’s Edge, even adding a new practice area. But, there’s a twist in the tale.

They wanted to make ranked games more fair, but it didn’t quite work out as planned. Because of some changes they made to how scores work, loads of players found a sneaky way to climb up the ranks. They started avoiding fights until the very end, and this messed up the game balance.

So, as we take a closer look at Apex Legends’ Season 17, we’ll see all the cool things they did and also the not-so-cool things that popped up along the way.

New Rank system?

In response to the challenges faced, Apex Legends has rolled out an improved ranked gameplay system. This upgrade aims to provide dedicated players with better and, hopefully, fairer matches. The new system takes your hidden “MMR” score into account – a score that actually measures your skill level.

Now, here’s the twist. Climbing up the ranks to higher levels like masters might take a bit longer, as per the developers. But the trade-off is pretty sweet – finding games should be quicker, and the overall experience more rewarding. So, get ready for a smoother ride in the Apex Games!

Apex Legends, being a battle royale shooter, has a unique strategy up its sleeve. It brings all the surviving players closer together as the game progresses. This is done through a closing ring that dishes out damage to anyone caught in its path. which seems like the original idea established by the Players Unknown BattleGround

Now, in the ranked mode, there’s an exciting twist. They’re making some clever changes to how the ring works. These changes focus on the damage it deals and when it closes in. The goal? To discourage players from relying solely on healing to survive the ring’s damage. Plus, it also nudges players to step out of their comfort zones and engage with others, rather than avoiding encounters to secure a higher placement.

So, get ready to adapt your strategies and embrace the evolving challenges of Apex Legends’ intense battlegrounds!

Apex Legends found itself in a tough spot during Season 17. The gaming landscape has become more jam-packed, with other big players like Overwatch 2 and the mighty Call of Duty franchise vying for attention.

What’s the Studio thinking?

Unfortunately, Season 17 didn’t perform as well financially as expected. It stumbled enough to catch the eye of the folks at EA, who noted its underwhelming performance in their quarterly earnings report. The competition is fierce, and Apex Legends is feeling the heat.

“Accelerating EA Sports FIFA franchise growth and release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, partially offset by lower-than-expected performance of Apex Season 17″

But even with this being said the executives on earning call PDF , said that while season 17 didn’t meet the expectations but on brighter side the game still has 18MILLION Active players monthly

Said EA Entertainment president Laura Miele:

On Apex, the way to think about it is when you — when we have these live services, and I laid out the areas of expansion of new addressable audiences and players, geographic expansion, and then monetization conversion mechanics that will evolve over time, we think about and look at the Apex development cycle and candidly, most live services cycles as short, mid and long-term. So you will see some — we will see some adjustments and changes in Season 18. And we expect to see even bigger, more impactful changes in 19 and 20 and into the future for the following year. So again, there’s a lot the team can do and what they have levers on. And then there are some things, such as modes or changes in mechanics, that just take a longer runway to develop.

In the world of gaming-as-a-service, maintaining equilibrium is key. It’s like walking a tightrope, carefully evolving alongside players’ ever-changing expectations. The goal? To grow the game’s community, including newcomers without much experience or investment, all while avoiding altering the essence too drastically. It’s a delicate dance of progress and preservation.

What's new with the REVENANT

Revenant, the mysterious figure in Apex Legends, has undergone a remarkable makeover. His abilities have been revamped for a more thrilling gameplay experience.

One standout enhancement grants Revenant the ability to effortlessly spot weakened enemies nearby. This skill is now a passive ability, accompanying his existing swifter crouch walk and improved wall climb.

Adding to his arsenal is a brand-new tactical move called “Shadow Pounce.” This ability enables Revenant to swiftly bridge gaps with a mere blink, offering a strategic advantage in engagements.

In place of his previous ultimate – which summoned temporary shadow clones for attacks – Revenant now possesses the “Forged Shadows” ultimate. This ultimate not only deploys a protective shield that absorbs damage but also allows for regeneration over time. Each time Revenant eliminates an opponent while using this ability, his shadow clones and tactical skills are refreshed, providing him with sustained prowess.

The best news is that Respawn is also making Revenant available for free so players who haven’t unlocked him can try out his abilities, and if they complete a set of challenges, they will unlock him for free permanently.

Apex Legends is about to get even more thrilling with some exciting updates launching on August 8th:

Mixtape on Broken Moon

Mixtape mode is crashing onto Broken Moon, bringing beloved gameplay modes to fresh locations this season. Dive into Gun Run and Team Deathmatch action in The Core, or embrace Control challenges in the Production Yard. As darkness envelops the battleground, Legends can showcase their skills.

Death Dynasty Collection Event

Embrace the essence of mortality with the Death Dynasty Collection Event. Throughout this event, players can rake in double XP rewards in Battle Royale from August 8-15 and in Mixtape from August 15-22. Legends who unlock all 24 cosmetics will be handsomely rewarded with Revenant’s new “Death Grip” heirloom.

Charge Rifle Transformation

Prepare for a revamped Charge Rifle experience in the Apex Games. This iconic weapon sheds its old skin – no more sustained beams. Equipped with an Extended Sniper Mag attachment slot and a series of firing mechanism tweaks, Legends familiar with the anti-Titan model from the Frontier Wars era will feel right at ease.

Get ready to dive into these exhilarating updates on August 8th and elevate your Apex Legends journey like never before!

A Titanfall 2-inspired Twist and Promising Future

As Season 17 approaches, Apex Legends introduces a story mission reminiscent of Titanfall 2 – the “Kill Code” mission. While not everyone may have enjoyed its challenging jumping puzzle structure, it tantalizingly teased players who’ve been yearning for single-player experiences. This is especially intriguing given the backdrop of a reportedly canceled single-player spinoff and the absence of a new Titanfall game.

Even though the “Kill Code” mission wasn’t a personal favorite, it managed to add an intriguing layer to the game’s fabric. By incorporating elements into the main game, higher-tier items were tactfully dropped in specific spots on the map to assist characters on their quest. This integration enriched the gameplay without leading players on unnecessary wild goose chases, a marked improvement from previous in-game activations.

During an earnings call this week, EA executives shared exciting plans. Apex Legends is set to introduce new modes of play across diverse markets. The anticipation is palpable, and fans are hoping for more than just a new mobile title to fill the void left by the canceled project. The prospect of expanding the game’s offerings with fresh modes, items, and characters could ignite new enthusiasm internationally.

Honestly from personal point of view I believe developer’s and studio’s effort for this season Deserves an Command !
GG guys from team Mindscrapper.

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