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Red Dead redemption Remake Disappoints Fans?

So the rockstar has finally officially announced the remake of much anticipated red dead redemption. As there were a lot of rumors running around after someone broke the twitter by sharing the inside story about the remake of red dead redemption and it did hit people right in the nostalgia and fans went in aw but no one was sure of whether if it was going to happen or not until the rockstar itself announced it officially with a trailer.

Red Dead Redemption held promise as a thriving virtual Wild West community. Yet, fans have expressed disappointment with the lack of substantial updates and improvements to the online mode. As players yearned for new activities, missions, and interactions, the perceived neglect of Red Dead Online has left many feeling unenthusiastic about its potential.

Fans will not be getting the OG with enhanced¬†graphics, nor any new content and as far as the information goes their won’t be any PC release as well. And it kind of very lazy of Rockstar for not adding Multiplayer as per fans expectations.

It’s tempting to be casual or even irate about this situation, as it appears to be a lazy move by Rockstar. However, I understand why they chose this approach over a full remaster. They’re currently focused on developing Grand Theft Auto 6, and they’ve also faced backlash for the harsh working conditions during the making of Red Dead 2. Rebuilding such a beloved game from scratch would be a massive and time-consuming task, requiring more years and money. Plus, there’s no guarantee that all this effort would satisfy the fans.

In simpler terms, it’s easy to downplay or get upset about this, as it seems like Rockstar is taking the easy route. But I get why they went for this option instead of fully redoing the game. They’re busy with Grand Theft Auto 6, and they also got criticized for how they treated their workers while making Red Dead 2. To completely remake a cherished game would be a huge job, taking more time and money. And there’s no sure thing that all that work would make the fans happy.

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