Did you missed these details in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer ?

So finally after a long awaited time , the fans of MCU have been blessed with the trailer of most beloved characters of this verse The Deadpool and his frenemy The Wolverine together in epic action scenario.

Let’s have a look at the Trailer first

Did you notice anything “Deadpool style”?

Well that’s what this is about let just get right into it.

So this trailer made fans crazy as it is one of the most anticipated and beloved “want this” movie of all time. But MCU went way above the expectations of the fans as not only the trailer looks awesome but the hidden puns inside also brought a lot of memories back, and off course the multiverse concept still lives but with more excitement

1: The buried logo of 20th Century Fox

Well you may have noticed 20th Century fox logo was buried in the background of Deadpool vs wolverine fight scene , Well MCU did not stand back at teasing 20th century fox studio , who produced the whole franchise for both these characters. The acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney in 2019 brought the film rights to Deadpool and other characters back under Marvel Studios’ control, leading to speculation about how these characters would be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But let’s cover that some other day

2 : Antman’s is that you?

As seen in trailer we can see some sort of spaceship in shape of Antman , which depicts marvel hero’s entry such a Antman but to our surprise : comes out the villain which seems to have powers like Magneto but this time it’s a woman. Fans are going crazy over the idea of Deadpool’s 4th wall break with marvel’s other characters and honestly we all should !

3 : The sling ring

In the end of trailer we can see Deadpool and wolverine jump into the sling ring which opens up as they were jumping, Well what could be the meaning of it? What do you think? Do let us know in the comment section.

4 : Alioth

After seeing the first trailer, our suspicions were confirmed: that’s Alioth from Loki. It’s a time-spanning creature, made by He Who Remains in the chaos of the Multiversal War. Its job? Wipe out He Who Remains’ Variants and their timelines for good.

And last but not least The movie is R-rated and no longer marvels PG-13 Which means the fans can enjoy their beloved action mixed with comedy by Deadpool and off course how can we forget about the 4th wall break which is seen many times in trailer.

This marvel’s trailer broke the internet like never before it gained more than 2million views in few hours, Must say it gave a competition to another launch when spiderman 2 game hit the market

What do you think about the trailer? Do let us know

Keep Scrapping !

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