Manor Lords breaking the records ! Top seller #1

What a marvelous launch for a game ! Having a huge wish list ready for embracing the anticipated good launch Manor lords was released on 26 April.

What a launch !

The overwhelming response from the players soon pushed it to Top seller on the Valve’s platform , it got sold nearly a million copies within a day. Whereas on steam it hit peak of around 173,178 according to their publisher Hooded horses .


Currently It’s Ranking second most played game on Global ranking coming after Counter-Strike 2

Manor Lords is leading on the front for it’s category of city builders and some similars as well. It surely has taken place deep into it’s users hearts. With such a positive response players are loving the gaming and expecting much more to be delivered in coming updates.

Bugs Reported

As per some bug issues stated by users the developers have taken notice and have responded by tweeting that they’ll be fixing some in coming update.

  • Homeless bugs.
  • Archer damage.
  • Trade oversupply mechanics.
  • Slow down AI claiming territories.
  • Improve the sawpit efficiency / storage.

Did we miss anything ? Do let us know in comment section

Keep scrapping !

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