Star Wars: Ahsoka – Official Teaser Trailer (2023) Rosario Dawson

Star Wars fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Ahsoka, the upcoming live-action series centered around the popular character Ahsoka Tano. At Star Wars Celebration 2023, attendees were treated to an exciting teaser trailer for the show, featuring Rosario Dawson reprising her role as Ahsoka. Let’s take a closer look at the Ahsoka teaser trailer and what fans can expect from the series.

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is a beloved character from the Star Wars universe who first appeared in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a young Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker. She quickly became a fan favorite, and her journey continued in the series Star Wars Rebels. In the live-action series The Mandalorian, Ahsoka was portrayed by Rosario Dawson, setting the stage for the upcoming Ahsoka series.

The Ahsoka Teaser Trailer

The Ahsoka teaser trailer opens with a shot of the starry sky, followed by Ahsoka’s iconic white lightsabers igniting. She says in voiceover, “There’s something wrong with the Force.” The trailer then shows Ahsoka walking through a dark, misty forest with her lightsabers drawn, encountering a group of soldiers whom she takes on with her impressive combat skills. The trailer ends with Ahsoka standing alone in the forest, surrounded by a glowing, otherworldly energy.

What to Expect from the Ahsoka Series?

The Ahsoka teaser trailer gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming series. It seems that Ahsoka will be investigating a disturbance in the Force that could have major implications for the Star Wars universe. The series will likely feature plenty of action, as we see Ahsoka taking on a group of soldiers in the teaser. Fans can also look forward to seeing more of Ahsoka’s character development as she continues to grapple with her past as a Jedi and her current status as a force for good in the galaxy.


The Ahsoka teaser trailer has given Star Wars fans a lot to be excited about. With Rosario Dawson reprising her role as Ahsoka, the series promises to be an action-packed adventure that delves deeper into the Star Wars universe. From the teaser, we can expect to see plenty of lightsaber battles and character development for Ahsoka as she investigates the disturbance in the Force. As we eagerly await more news about the series, fans can watch the teaser trailer over and over again, analyzing every detail for clues about what’s to come.

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