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Zack Snyder Justice League Review Is It Worth The Wait?

Zack Snyder Justice League is finally out for fans to stream on HBO max and by seeing the rotten tomatoes lot of people were eagerly waiting for this release mainly because of the let down of 2017 Justice League aka “The moustache mishap”. Now finally it is out and people have lot to say about this.

The talk of Snyder cut began late in 2017 after the Joss Whedon release when people came to know about that Zack Snyder cut had some more footage to the film and Joss Wedon made a lot of cuts to the original Justice League an online campaign began #ReleaseTheSnyderCut which took over the internet like a viral sensation and finally when Zack Snyder came to the scene and officially confirmed that he Snyder Cut really does exist then it was only a matter of time to get the green signal from the WB studios to start finishing the Snyder Cut with the a given budget of $70 million.

Before the release we got different trailers teasing the fans of what to expect from the movie here are some trailers with breakdown.

The four year wait for the movie gave a boost to high expectation towards the fans here some reactions of fans on twitter after watching the Snyder Cut. (BIT OF SPOILER).

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