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Sony PS5 Reveal

Ever since the announcement of PS5 reveal everyone was hyped for it and internet started its work rumors and concept designs leaks were making its way to the world of internet now finally the wait is over ps5 is now officially revealed by Sony.

Considering the pandemic around world because of COVID-19, Sony decided to host the reveal event without the crowd although fans were missing watching the event hosted live in front of thousands of people but we are sure that the fans watching the live event at their homes were surely jumping out of their seats in excitement. Sony knowing the situation decided to go for a presentation video of the console reveal along with Next-Gen games coming with PS5.

Now to talk about the game reveals. Before the reveal of PS5  Unreal Engine released a clip of their new library that was used in PS5 in some games which set up the bar of what to expect form the PS5 games below is the link for the unreal engine video

Now there were lots of game reveals form indie studios to major studios , some games teasers were already released before like DeathLoop and some games came as a surprise like Resident Evil VIII: Village but it is for sure that each game promises a huge change in the way we look at games before with a highly powerful ps5 hardware, developers have gained a freedom to create worlds beyond the imagination which is truly can be seen from the games that were soon to be available on PS5. Here is the video of the revealed games

The PlayStation 5 surely promises a next-generation gaming. The PlayStation is set to be officially available for purchase on holiday 2020.

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