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Resident Evil 8 Village: Maiden Demo, What fans are talking about

So Capcom have recently released RE 8 Village: Maiden demo gameplay and people are getting crazy mad over it obviously in a good way. Ever since from the release of successful RE 7: Biohazarad, the franchise gained a lot of bigger fanbase and people were really hyped to see what was in store for them and Capcom didn’t disappoint.

The Next-Gen Horror

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What you get when you mix next-gen ray tracing with horror ambiance of RE yes you get a nightmare, the developers didn’t hold back on the environment and sound design of the game. It gives you absolute chills down your spine when your hear floors creaking, insects scuttling and other entities lurking in the shadows and with the backup of PS5 rendering it gets realistic more and more in this 20 minutes nightmare.

The Story

As you playthrough this nightmare the objective at first hand is to escape the dungeon and as you playthrough more the certain puzzles and clues gives us the information about the place in which you’re being captive. The dungeon is located at the basement of the Castle Dimitrescu whos owner are Vampires and all women as the game goes the story become more and more clear as you find out that these vampires are using their maidens as source of their food chain or to perform rituals of some kind which you can also see in the beginning, the dungeon full of torture tools with maidens bodies and skeletons laying around. So just like in RE 7 this might also be the part of the game in which it plays as instruction or guide for the player on how to roam around the Castle Dimitrescu.

Terrifying Characters

To be honest memories of Jack from RE 7 still give the nightmares. RE 8 demo gave us a little introduction to the characters you will be battling for your life with and what a great intro it is the genius of their character story telling intrigue the players to find out more and more about them it lures you with curiosity and then a jump scare to run as far away as you can.

In-Game Shots

More Demo Coming

Although this demo was enough to give the taste of what is coming Capcom have announced another demo which will be coming in spring 2021 and will be released for all platforms as this demo was only exclusive for PS5.

The full game is set to be released in early May 2021. One thing is for sure that this game will exceed the expectation of the fans in the upcoming top releases.

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