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Project Scarlett VS PlayStation 5

Whether they participated in E3 or not, Sony is not compromising on its position of getting a competitive advantage. The console legends would be seen showcasing their next generation technology this year, where the specifications revealed so far look awfully similar. Here is a discussion on each spec on both upcoming consoles, that are Microsoft’s Project Scarlett and Sony’s Next generation PlayStation (Probably PlayStation 5). Take a look at how they are similar or different from each other.

Processing Power

  • CPU

Xbox announced AMD Zen 2 CPU for Project Scarlett which in case of PlayStation 5 is also going to be the same although they added the detail that 8 cores of the said processor will be included and Xbox was vague on the number of cores, which could significantly impact the performance comparison of both devices.

  • GPU

For GPU, both Scarlett and PS5 will come with AMD Radeon ‘Navi’ with custom ray tracing, however, the number of computing units in each of GPUs will be the determinant of performance levels. Previously, Xbox incorporated 40 computing units whereas PS4 had 36, so this time variability may or may not exist.

  • RAM

Both consoles had the same type of RAM GDDR6, which could be considered as one of the many technical similarities among those two. The efficient availability of data from SSD to the RAM would result in very smooth performance, and Microsoft explained it as virtual RAM for the Project Scarlett consoles.


PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox announced a next-generation Solid State Drive (SSD) which would dramatically enhance the performance of the consoles as opposed to their previous variants.

Next-Gen Graphics

Project Scarlett announced up to the 8K resolution, with 120 Hertz frequency as well as variable refresh rates whereas the PlayStation would support up to 4k and 8k resolution without the variable refresh rate and the same frequency as Scarlett i.e. up to 120 Hz.

Special Sauce

AMD mentioned in a Wired interview that they are collaborating with Sony for creating a custom build graphics card for their upcoming console, which they mysteriously called a special sauce which would make PS5 the best console ever. However, Microsoft Project Scarlett lacks this specific sauce and rumors had it, this sauce can give a tough time to its competitors

Release Date Announcement

We don’t have exact dates of launch for our most awaited gaming consoles but Microsoft Xbox during E3 2019 mentioned a window of Holiday 2020 and PlayStation’s new generation console is expected sometime after April 2020.

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