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Justice League: Snyder Cut official trailer got launched

Hbo max dropped a valentine gift for the fans of highly anticipated Justice League Snyder cut. As soon as the trailer is dropped fans theories are now piling up and clearly the trailer showed us many things including the deleted scenes and obviously the glimpse of badass black suit superman that was supposed to be in the justice league last part and they didn’t stop there as in the post credit in the trailer they showed us the new look of jared leto joker yes you heard it right jared leto joker got renewed and it gave us the chills that joker is supposed to give.

video source: FilmSelect

The trailer also showed us the power and control of darkseid as it also seems to set the tone for the sequels of the justice league. The trailer have given high hopes as the expectation of the fans are now looking to become reality lets hope that it doesn’t disappoint just like the superman moustache.

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