The courtesy of DC Comics is that they released this teaser for the fans dying to see Robert Pattinson in the glory of the Dark Knight. If you have watched the teaser, it is befitting with the image and overall vibe associated with this film directed by Matt Reeves. The scene starts where the character emerges from the dark in this amazing costume designed. After the release of the first teaser, there are a lot of speculations around the internet and a lot of theories are drawn out about the look of batman’s suit. So far the reaction is being positive around the internet but still, fans are a bit in agony because of not showing so much of the suit. (DC: Won’t be the teaser then).

Here are some noticeable fact from the batman teaser suit

The Bat Symbol

The iconic bat symbol engraved in the chest of the Bat-suit is more than just a bat because this time the fans are obsessing over how it seems like this symbol is made out of metallic components of a gun. And finally how Bruce Wayne found the gun that changed his life entirely and wears it on the top of his heart so he remembers how and why he became this alter ego. However we are expecting some realistic touch to the story, and it is not too much to assume that the vigilante action will be foregone. Another theory suggests that Matt Reeves batman will take its likeness more towards the detective side of the character rather than being a terror among the criminals.

The resemblance with Arkham Knight (Video Game)

The extreme manipulation of dark and light (basically dark light) in the scene let us watch just enough of the costume, but we already assumed that the costume was inspired by the suit in Arkham Knight. The hints of colors other than black were not visible or the suit might also turn out to be classic blue and grey who knows. Some of the details even look like it was inspired by the Dare Devil’s costume

Is this Suit Final?

No! This was merely a camera test teaser, to see how audiences respond to the first glimpse of a masterpiece. As Joker’s teaser test was a success, we are going to see how people will respond to the Bat-suit without knowing too much about it. I mean we can assume the color is completely black, Robert Pattinson nailed the vigilante face mask look with his jawline, and the intense background music was the cherry on top.