As Marvel stole the show in San Diego Comic-con 2019 by announcing their most anticipated Phase 4, DC also did not hold back on the reveal of their new TV shows and the announcements of new seasons of their hottest on air shows. Although we will not be looking at so much new stuff, some of our favorite series will be continued with exciting new super villains this time.

Arrow S08

The legendary Green Arrow, around which the DC Universe’s Arrow verse is revolving, will finally come to an end. Oliver knows he is going to die, rather sooner than he imagined. He is determined to do some final tasks which he must. Destroying enemies, securing friendships, trouble to maintain the secrecy of his identity, Arrow Season 8 will come with all the plot holes finally being filled.

Supergirl S05

Technology is making people distant, distant from the realities of life about what is actually happening around us. Season 5 trailer starts with the narration of Kara telling how she is disappointed people are not taking enough action and buried in their own gadgets all the time. However the super villain this time will take advantage of the technology exposure of the public, which is none other than Lena Luthor. She will take some revenge from Kara but most probably in a nonlethal context.

The Flash S06

The Comic-con trailer of Flash season 6 trailer hints us about the upcoming The Flash supervillain Bloodwork which would be pretty much exciting as how the character is perceived in the comics. By the look of the trailer, This time, The flash and friends are facing a foe which they have never faced before..The trailer ends with the reveal of the villain, which is played by Sendhil Ramamurthy.

Black Lightning S03

Black Lightning comes again with a twist this time, where he discovered that his daughters are also gifted with immense lightning power. A power that is not controllable yet and may exceed from their father. Jefferson Pierce aka Black lightning will continue to fight against his archenemy the criminal mastermind Tobias Whale while securing his and his family’s gifted identity and fighting with metahumans.


Introducing for the first time, DC Universe’s Katherine “Kate” Kane aka Batwoman getting her own origin story in a CW TV series. The official teaser trailer reveals everyone getting the bat tattoo verifying how much they believe and support the Batwoman. The story is set in the days when Gotham city is missing its cape crusader Batman so Katherine, Bruce Wayne’s cousin steps up to the role of mask vigilante and achieves the goal to prove herself. Ruby Rose will be seen as the Batwoman in 2020.


Batman’s most loyal and oldest ally Alfred is no common man. DCU explains the character development of Alfred pennyworth and his journey from the military recruit to the person he becomes before being Bruce Wayne’s butler.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, the popular therapist turned into Joker’s love interest and finally, a psychopathic supervillain gets an animated series dedicated to her origin story with a touch of dark humor. The story will involve several important characters from DCU revolving round Harley Quinn unraveling the mysteries of her becoming the despised yet sensational lady villain of Gotham.