Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3 2019 was a colorful conference where leading game studios came under one roof to showcase their upcoming games. The place full of excitement and all the fans were excited to be at the event. Ubisoft was there Nintendo showcasing their direct conference but wait……where was Sony?. It could not be doubted that Sony with its PlayStation is one of the major game and console developers in the industry. But they decided to skip E3 2019 this year? Take a look at all the reasons and consequences of their decision

Reasons to Skip E3 2019

So Sony decided to skip the E3 2019 conference showcase, due to which their spot was given to Square Enix. They decided it was not in the best interest of the firm, to present at E3 this year, which was beneficial for Japanese developers Square Enix because they successfully captured their audience through the outstanding display of Final Fantasy 7 remake, Marvel’s Avengers, etc.

Sony officials described before the event that they will not be attending the E3 Conference in 2019 because they were looking for some other inventive opportunities to connect with their audience. As it was seen last year, their display of four games during the eve of E3 2018 did not get the expected positive response from the audience, so this year they learned from that mistake and decided to do something different, by completely skipping to participate because the format of this conference is not appealing to their specific audience.

Sony says “Skipped E3, But…

Despite deciding not to be a part of E3 2019, Sony announced the trailer of their upcoming hyped game Death Stranding as well as announced their upcoming next-generation PlayStation and briefed about its specifications. They probably had an idea that Microsoft would go in at E3 with their Project Scarlett, so they should not just back out the competition, it is only a theory though.