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Human beings with the highest level of consciousness and brain development, constantly require stimulation to engage in activities which challenge them  and gives some sense of achievement. Gaming is a core activity for brain stimulation in the modern era, where irrespective of age or gender, the intricate games involve the user testing their hand-eye coordination, strategic and tactical decision making and improves learning by experience in a specific setup. But what do games will mean in the future, will they just be limited to a guy wearing a headset focusing on some screen, or will it have more meaning? Here we are exploring what gaming was, is, and will be in the upcoming era.

The Classic Experience

The times are still fresh in the minds of millennial who grew up playing video games, games with cliche story lines like a popular plumber saving the princess from a gorilla monster. Those games were already downloaded and stored on various storage devices like a cassette or CD ROM. The compatible hardware like a console or PC accessed the stored game and most of the games were offline. The graphics, resolution, image quality and loading speeds were sub-par and at that time pixel art was seen as compared to the modern motion graphics these days. It would be correct to deduce that we have seen an improvement in graphics quality over time.

Current Generation of Gaming

The recent era of gaming connected to the internet has opened many new avenues for various genres to shine. Online multiplayer games are embracing their glory, in both PvP and PvE context. The biggest jam of your generation is the introduction of  the battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, CODBlackOp4. and many more. Online multiplayer games are running entirely on the cloud but the devices still handle very much of the processing at the same time. Giant corporations handling gaming are finding out new ways to engage the audience by launching new, upgraded, better and sleek gaming hardware. But the costs of acquiring those expensive hardware upgrades are a concern for the audience. 

The popular streaming services which are active now, include;

  • Ubisoft U-Play
  • Playstation Now
  • Blade’s Shadow
  • X-Cloud

Next-Gen Gaming: Expanding Streaming Services

The promising new era of gaming is all about upcoming projects from companies introducing “burgeoning” streaming services for games. So yes the same way you stream Netflix and youtube you can now also play games like that. The quality of experience you get from a certain game would merely depend on your internet speed rather than the hardware specifications. A good broadband internet, subscription from your favorite gaming provider, a regular computing device and you are good to go. 
It is different from present streaming services because a remote cloud-based server of the corporation will deal with the processing of game and the device will barely get the load, it will be used to give the input and receive the output from the cloud. The major take on future of gaming is that all the giant players like Microsoft, Sony and Google will be introducing their streaming platforms in the near future, making hardware requirements unnecessary for the gamers and providing an unlimited gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

Google Stadia

Google’s upcoming streaming service for games, Google Stadia will be releasing in November  2019 and we are looking forward to it. The service will enable its user to remotely access the games without downloading, by directly accessing it from Stadia’s cloud and with no minimum hardware requirements. Only a functional browser and reliable internet speed are required, regardless of any specific hardware requirements from the device. Take a look at the video below to see what google stadia have to offer.

Nvidia Geforce Now

More than 500 games which your PC was not supporting, can now be accessed through Geforce Now beta streaming service currently online where games from digital stores like Steam, Uplay, can be accessed directly on your PC. The games will be sent to the high tech data centers of Nvidia giving an output of their top of the line graphics card, without actually having that as hardware.

Other companies like Sony’s Playstation Now, Microsoft’s XCloud are also planning on following the path of Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now by introducing streaming services of their own.

The key thing to conclude from all the major advancements happening in the gaming world is the focus of the technology on enhancing the user experience making it better and better. Regardless of whatever technology is introduced in the future all of the focus is on giving some breathtaking experience to the audience.

Check out the video below about the top technologies that may effect the future of gaming.

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