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Future of Animation

We have seen the evolution of animation in various time phases, from Disney’s hand drawn Mickey Mouse animation to the fully computerized Toy Story animation. The animation has changed the world of content production, and indeed for the better. People are exploring new ways to communicate with their audience in the field of animation The expectations of the audience from the animators is increasing as more promising content is being produced and they are looking forward to what awaits us. This article summarizes what are the major aspects of animation and how they will be seen growing over the years.

Major Quality Development and Enhanced Visual Appearance

Although it may seem like the animation we get to see these days is the finest and at the peak of quality, it is not wrong to expect that will be further enhanced in the future. Inspiration from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with a constant working to make the animation closest to the real-life objects are some of the key components of this interesting improved visual appeal expectations from animation enthusiasts.

The classic Japanese anime are a prime example of traditional animation seen popularly accepted by the audience as they were previously seen with 2D animations but the future expects a successful amalgamation or overtake of high quality 3D animation for a better immersive experience in the intense storylines. Japanese animation has adopted this technique of combining 2D and 3D animation art. In some scenes, 3D animations are played out to give more intensity to the scenes.

Impact of Advanced Technology

The emerging technology in animation like motion capture technology and realistic computer generated imagery will open multiple avenues for improvement and enhancement in the user’s experience.

Especially in the gaming industry, animation and rendering techniques are continuously advancing towards realistic appeal. Better graphics and animation require a need for advanced hardware and accessories, with the advancement of hardware technology we can expect that in the near future it will be challenging to differentiate between what is real and what is animated.

Check out this video from Ubisoft watchdogs Mocap session

Position of Animation in the Production Industry

Future of animation industry beholds the respect from the people it deserves as an upcoming era will truly praise a well-executed and high-quality animation or computer-generated imagery. Animation will also be served with interesting content they can enjoy thus removing any stereotypes associated with animated content. The content will be appreciated for the authenticity, originality, creativity, animation quality and visual appeal rather than the budget associated with it or popularity among a specific age group of individuals.

We have always been fascinated by the top animation work from popular animation studios like Walt Disney, Dreamworks animation, Studio Ghibli and many more top pioneers of animation.But they have yet to show more potential and they have a lot more in the box.

With the introduction of motion capture technology, we received a number of remarkable projects like one of the biggest franchises, Marvel’s Avengers, etc. but the real progress in animation that we have seen is in Live action adaptation of many marvellous traditional animation stories. The biggest example is the recently released movie Alita – The Battle Angel.

Influence of Future Economic Trends

Although filmmaking is a business with a lot of expenses and investment involved, animation can be a modest way of representation for many platforms. Without the additional hiring costs for such extravagant visual aids, incorporating animation in various content generation platforms will be considered more cost-effective thus increasing their usage and animation will in turn rise to prominence. 

In recent times, animation for higher quality requires very high budgets which production industries are more than willing to throw at the animation creators to ensure masterpieces and in order to gain a mark in animation history. However, in the future, these animations will become of lesser cost as they will be adopted more often so a dramatic reduction in production costs is also to be expected.

The income earned from selling merchandise of the successful animation projects will be the primary heaviest stream of revenues for animation producers. The global trend of supporting, associating yourself with or simply being part of a community verifies how merchandise revenues will be a major source by the fan following who admire the animated characters, the concept and are willing to pay for it.

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