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DOTA getting a Netflix anime adaptation

We mean seriously Netflix just can’t stop Giving Surprises to its viewers ! In addition to that Netflix has just revealed a new anime series in collaboration with Valve of no other but one of its top famous and most grossing game from the last 5 years DOTA 2.

As a fan we’ve always anticipated the hero’s story line to be explained in some form of animated series and we believe it’s finally going to happen now.

Valve itself have been held many Short film competitions where Indie filmmakers/animator have participated with many genres either it’s comedy or serious scenario.

But since now we now that Netflix is behind this new anime series fans have high hopes and they’re already going crazy about it.

Up-till now there are not much to be known about it but few details.

Dragon’s Blood will be running for eight episodes in total at 30 minutes each. Scheduled for a debut on March 25th, Ashley Edward Miller (X-Men: First Class, Thor and Black Sails) serves as series showrunner and executive producer while Studio MIR (The Legend of Korra and Voltron: Legendary Defender) providing the animation for the new series. Ryu Ki Hyun has been confirmed to serve as Co-Executive Producer for the new project.

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The First hero revealed is Davion A.k.a Dragon Knight.

By the name of the animated series it can be known fact that this anime might circulate around the dragons , but Dota include many dragon hero’s such as puck , jakiro , winter weyvern so there’s much more to anticipate about but we can’t confirm it yet.

But we believe there will be many others included as well since dragon knight have many correlated norms with other heros.

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