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Disney D23 Expo 2019

Our Friday night binge-watching is gonna be much more than Netflix and chill now because Disney Plus is finally coming! In the era of video streaming over the internet, it is very hard for such huge giants to back off when many competitors like Netflix are taking over the entertainment industry. It is about the time when our favorite animation studio and movie creators assembled an attractive mix of movies and TV shows along with some exclusives especially made for the subscribers. Here is everything we know so far about Disney Plus:

Less price, Premium Services

Disney is providing amazing content at very competitive prices which when compared to Netflix is less than twice their monthly subscription prices. The Disney plus subscription will be available at $7 only! And it includes 4k HDR streaming on 4 devices simultaneously, which is equivalent to Netflix’s premium tier subscription worth $16. It is made mostly to emphasize the nature of the family content of Disney plus and how it meant for a family to watch together no matter how far apart they are.

Family-Friendly Content

Disney Plus’s content will be based strictly under the PG-13 policy, where mature content will be strictly available for the subscribers. However, their other content which is not available here will go to the Hulu platform. Disney plus will also have a kid version available under parental lock with content appropriate for children of 7 years and below.

Weekly Episodes

Disney plus will come with one episode each week unlike Netflix, which is popular to launch the complete collection of episodes from a season on a single day. So the anticipation of the episodes will also make it interesting, and the continuous additions in the content is a promise worth looking out for. Disney said they will publish older content including the hand-drawn series from the past which would be very nostalgic for the older audiences.

List of Content at Disney Plus We Cannot Wait For:

Here is a list of TV shows and movies which are confirmed o be released on Disney Plus launch after three months, in the upcoming November 2019. 

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • WandaVision
  • Hawkeye series
  • She-Hulk
  • Ms. Marvel 
  • Moon Knight.

Despite some confirmed shows, Disney Plus will also continue the Marvel TV shows discontinued by Netflix after 2020 including Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, etc.

What we can expect in the future

The recent failure of a collaboration agreement between Sony and MCU has led us to think about what will happen to our favorite characters and how it will change the future of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. As Spiderman sadly will not be seen in the Avengers universe anymore, Sony will be planning some well thought comic universe of its own, to absorb the character of iconic Tom Holland’s Spiderman. The fan theories are now emerging up like Sony having Venom character in the arsenal opens up the possibility of them crossing it over with their own version of Spiderman.

X-Men will get the spotlight as Kevin Feige decided to explore them in detail. Disney’s Deadpool will possibly get a crossover with X-men so might be able to see a new Deadpool, a kid-friendly PG-13 version from Disney. All of these rumors are only for the sake of entertainment and not confirmed yet. But we can surely expect a fan service from Disney. 

Here are some highlights form D23 expo

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