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Cyberpunk 2077: Well its glitchy

CD Projekt’s promised a revolutionary game that will break the limit of open world gaming genre well it sure did break something as refer to game being broken for most gamer’s experiences.

Well because of that gamers are having a feeling of getting ripped off. The developers sure did try to apologies by adding a apology generator within the game. But some one is sure angry on the testing team at CD Project’s studio.

Cyberpunk was made for next-gen gaming experiences but because of next-gen not being completely consumed by most of the people the glitches many people are facing are on PS4 or xbox one as the game appears to be rough on old consoles.

The results on latest PS5 and xbox series X is running smoother because of high end hardware support.

CD projekt is sure aware of the nightmare for most gamers so the patches are being released to minimize the issues.

But still the gaming community is not letting it go as the glitches and bugs are sure providing an entertaining content for most content creators.

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